Pinoy Save and Invest is an open blog dedicated to providing financial advice that can help all readers become financially aware for themselves as well as their families. The aim is to strengthen people by making them stronger in terms of finances, educating them to stand well-off on their own feet, and lowering the chances of loss and fail through expert financial advice.

Being “Save and Invest”, this blog emphasizes on the importance of savings, investments, retiring with good finances, and like subjects that many people overlook. This blog can help you understand this importance and how to accomplish these save and invest goals as well.


To help everyone that comes to Pinoy Save and Invest or these Financial Literacy Seminar gain financial understanding, emphasize upon saving and investments to subsequently accomplish their goals through the means of expert financial decisions, knowledge, and advice.


To be a name that helps people become from spenders to savers – from financially unstable to solid on their own feet. We aim to instill a financially healthy mindset in you.

The Man Behind Pinoy Save and Invest

Photo0649Pinoy Save and Invest is managed by Allan M. Mantaring, who is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker from way up southern part of the Philippines, Mindoro Oriental who loves sharing knowledge and helping others on the topic of personal development, finance, persuasion, public speaking, and internet marketing. He is passionate about making a difference and helping people through his knowledge, which he does through this platform.

He has been trained and mentored by international and local sought-after and leading thought leaders such as Brendon Burchard, JT Foxx, Peng Joon, Bo Sanchez, John Calub, Derek Gehl, Eben Pagan and his personal coach and mentor JB Borromeo.

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