Every human being is an emotional being. The levels of emotions may be high or low. But when that level is disturbed, you have stress and anxiety. The dividing line between these two negative tendencies is very thin. Your anxiety may be due to stress or your stress may be due to anxiety. Every stress and anxiety has a root cause to it. And the symptoms are the by products of such causes.

The first symptom of stress is that you are not a normal person, when you are seized with it. Your face will indicate what you are! They say the face is the mirror of the man. Your emotions will be disturbed and it will show up on your face.

You have a feeling that is difficult to explain. You have only questions, with no definite answers. If there are answers, they are multiple answers. You see several options before you, you see several paths before you, but unable to decide which one is yours. The worry and uncertainty of the failure haunts you. You are totally confused. All these are stress symptoms.

Further, with the feeling of anxiety your self-esteem is hurt and motivation is punctured. You feel that you have come to a dead end. It is a state of uneasiness that you are unable to explain with convincing reasons. You are a split personality. Your emotions are not responding to your reason. You begin to come to haphazard conclusions. Most importantly, you don’t understand why you feel what you feel. The way you feel. You are facing some grim experiences and your attitude turns cynical. You feel that the human beings are ignoble. You feel that the whole world is ignoble!

To walk to your freedom from the levels of stress of anxiety, you need to walk from darkness to light, from the secret den to the open sun. The fire-brand personality within you has to bloom. There is nothing wrong in the situations around you. Everything is happening the way it should! At the moment you may feel that it is working to your disadvantage. Your present confusion is due to your wrong perception of matters, not due to the reality of the issue involved. You are unnecessarily seeing the serpent in the rope, due the surrounding darkness. When the light is thrown in that area, you see that it a piece of lifeless rope!

What could be the root causes of symptoms of your stress and anxiety? Whenever you make compromises with your deep core values and your present disposition, your harmony is disturbed. Similarly, when you are worried about your future, future of your children due to economic or social circumstances it makes you anxious.

The right attitude is to live life in its trials, tribulations duty and beauty. God has created you for a purpose, try your best to fulfill it, without any motivated fear! Destroy the negative feelings, before they sprout!



As a human being the important thing we to take is our health and wellness. There are saying that health is wealth, that is very true. If you are healthy you are capable of doing what you want, what you like, and you will enjoy the most of your life.

These are the 7 things that you need to do everyday to maintain your health and wellness:

1. Eating correct amounts of foods at the right time.

Most people tend to cut down in food when they feel they’re overweight or they start eating too much of the incorrect food when they need more energy. The crucial secret to the perfect harmony in weight and vitality is to eat 5 times a day and a combination of protein, carbs, and healthy fats in smaller portions adapted to your body weight and length.

2. Exercise daily.

I recommend a 30-minute focused work out every day. This should be a combination of cardio exercise and muscle building activities. Not only is it good for your body, it does a great job for your mind as well!

3. Schedule atleast twice a day a “me time”.

This time slot you can spend however you chose to, as long as you do something that you really enjoy. I definitely recommend some silent time on your own, daily, so you can pamper your body and your mind.

4. Practicing the abundance mentality.

‘What You Fear, You’ll Attract. What you Experience, Is What You Expect’

In all that you do or who you are, be VERY conscious of your scarcity thoughts and fears. Make sure you transform these immediately in abundance thoughts. Develop an abundance mentality at ALL TIMES!

5. Make drinking water a habit.

This is a challenge for the majority of people, however once you understand why it’s so important to drink plenty of water you’ll be more capable to develop the daily habit. As our bodies consist of over 85% of water, you can understand that we’ll need to recharge regularly. Water plays a vital role in the majority of our blood and digestion functions, just as in the engine of a car. Water is needed to have the engine, our engine, run smoothly. Recommended daily water intake is 1 liter water per 30 kg of body weight.

6. Improve your relation to food.

Your relation to food is an indicator of your relation to other aspects of your life. What you put in your body has a direct effect not only on your body but also on your mind and soul. If your food is full of Prana (life force) it will give you the ability to live your life to your fullest potential. Food that is pure, full of Prana and prepared with love and good healing vibrations gives you much more than just the feeling of satisfaction to the taste buds. It nourishes your body, mind, senses and soul while increasing physical energy, positive thinking, creativity, longevity and heightened awareness of life in all its beauty.

7. What we think is what we become.

Even though you apply the previous 6 principles in the letter but you keep on having poisonous thoughts, your health and well-being will be poisoned. Every result is a consequence of the image we create in our mind. Make sure you see yourself as a healthy, energetic, and vital human being.

Think and live positively.


This is the 7 tips that may help you for wealth and passive income.

1. Generate a massive passive income.

Wealthy people have their money work for them. They understand that it’s important to have more than 1 income stream so they develop multiple passive income streams. In order to be free, both financially as in time, it’s your 1st priority to build your business in systems so it works without you. True prosperity is having your business successfully working for you.
Systematize the business so it works without you.

2. Admire and model wealthy and successful people.

Who we are today is a result of conditioning of our past. Our parents, our teachers, our environment, all have played a major role in us becoming the person who we are today. If you are not having the results you want to achieve (and I assume you are not, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this eBook), start re-conditioning yourself. Choose 1 or 2 models who you admire for who they are, what they have accomplished, and what value they are bringing to the world. Then, decide to model them. Study them. Take their behaviors, strategies, and ways of communication and apply these to your personality. Listen to their audios, study their videos, read their books… until you’ve converted in the person you are about to become.

3. Be a generous giver and a grateful receiver.

Health, Love, Money, and Happiness are infinite. Even though you give the maximum amount of hugs you possibly can in 1 day, how many more hugs have you left to give? This is the same for love, money and happiness. And how many hugs will you receive back after giving all those hugs?
One of the universal laws is the Law of Polarity. Give and you’ll receive. Donate 5 to 10% of your profit to charity. Learn to be a great giver and a grateful receiver.

4. Build long-term win-win relationships.

Everything in the universe is based on the principle of trading value for value. Someone with a prosperity mind will always choose to create and build a long-term win-win relationship over a short-term one shot win.

5. Help others to get what they want and you can have anything you want.

Zig Ziglar was right. The more people you can bring massive value to, the more prosperous you become. In everything you do, ask yourself: What Can I Do To Add More Value?

6. Play the money game.

Prosperity does not exist without money, although many of us are conditioned that way.  Make sure you build a positive relationship with money. See money as a servant. You are the Master. Prosperity Consciousness does not know lack nor limitation.
Play at 100%. Without any fear. You will not win abundance and wealth without playing.

7. Become an excellent money magnet and money manager.

Attracting money is one thing. Managing money is another. How come so many people receive massive amounts of money and then lose it as fast as they receive it? Either they still have thoughts of fear around money or losing money, or they don’t know how to manage their money, or both. Observe and transform ALL thoughts of money from now on. This is by far your most important task to execute. Then learn to manage the money. I personally love T. Harv Eker’s teaching of the JAR system. See if you can do one of Harv’s Millionaire Mind Intensive courses. It will definitely help a BIG deal!



This taken when i was working in Norwegian Cruise Line.

As of now, there are estimated 10 million Filipinos working around the globe, including me working as seaman. From nurses, doctors, dentist, singer, entertainer, engineers, waiters and waitresses, seaman and sea woman, and even caregiver and maids. Some of them almost spend their life working in foreign countries, leaving their own family and serving other people. It is the truth that hard to accept because of our want to give a good future for our family. But despite of our hard work and working for a long time, many of us don’t have savings and investments.

Here are some of the reasons:

1.) Most of us are financially illiterate.

Most of us are knowing how to earn money and how to spend it easily. But in terms of savings, we don’t have any idea and even we do not want to learn this. People, especially Filipino are good at spending, after they got their salary, they are so busy going to the mall for shopping.

2.) Most of us are “Galante”.

Pasalubong for our family and relatives are good if you have extra money for this, but as this time it is not actually necessary. Most of us always buys some expensive chocolate, perfumes, soap or whatever that we can give to our family and relatives. Some of us are giving cash. Oh, common it is good, but when you do it every time you go on vacation, later on you will end with nothing.

3.) Not paying ourselves.

When say paying for ourselves what is meant to you? Buying latest gadget, buying expensive dress, or eating in class restaurant? If your perception is like this, it’s wrong; maybe you can call it reward to yourself. When you say paying for yourself it means, you are saving something for your retirements. You must follow the 80/20 rule, 20% of your savings and investments and then you spend the rest 80% for whatever you want. Try to apply this prosperity in your life:

Income- Savings= Expense

4.) Most of us are “ Sunod Sa Uso”.

I remembered when my first time working as an OFW in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia back 2007 as a waiter, as I observed most of the Filipino have the latest cell phone and laptops. I can’t imagine this cell phone almost the cost of our one month salary, and not only that, almost every month have latest gadget coming out to the market so every month they are also changing their phones. I compare us to the Indians, they are just using the very cheap phones, and they never change it, unlike what Filipino did. Would you think we can save money in this lifestyle, we are just wasting our time and money.

5.) Sending all the salary back home.

Because we are receiving fewer salary most of it, we send home. We are just keeping some, for our allowance. Almost just a day after we got it, we go directly to, money transfer to send to our family. They are waiting for it, and we received a lot of messages from them reminding us that they don’t have an allowance, exam is coming, they need to pay tuition, etc. Almost every month same situation, got a salary, sends the money, work for the month again, get salary then send again.

6.) Most of our family is not informed how to use money wisely.

This is the reason even we send more money in our family it is still not enough, after receiving your remittance after a few days, all of it is gone. They don’t know how to budget the money. They buy the things even they don’t need it. They are always thinking that we have money for them. And almost most of them are relying on you, they are thinking that you are a bank every time they need, you must give. Sometimes if you don’t give, most of them are angry at you, Oh my God, this life.

Final thought:

Being a worker outside in our beloved country is not easy, sadness, loneliness, sickness, boredom, and sometimes some of our kababayans go home in a wheelchair and the worst some are dead already.
Ask yourself, what will happen when the time comes that you near to retire, but when you look into your bank account and its nothing left. What will happen if your children never help you when you got old? Who will take care of you, when you got sick, who will buy medicine for you?

Make yourself educated about finance because it will help you save time for working. Try to read books, attend some seminars, and watch videos how save and how to invest your money. There are many resources available in the internet. Pay yourself first before sending all your money in your family, before you buy the latest gadgets for yourself. Live below your means, don’t overspend. And the important teach your family how to budget, informed them to use the money wisely. Teach them to value whatever you send them no matter how big or small it is.

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