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Pinoy Save and Invest is an open blog dedicated to providing financial advice that can help all readers become financially aware for themselves as well as their families. The aim is to strengthen people by making them stronger in terms of finances, educating them to stand well-off on their own feet, and lowering the chances of loss and fail through expert financial advice.

Being “Save and Invest”, this blog emphasizes on the importance of savings, investments, retiring with good finances, and like subjects that many people overlook. This blog can help you understand this importance and how to accomplish these save and invest goals as well.

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Pinoy Save and Invest conducts free financial literacy seminars on topics such as investment, debt management, personal development and entrepreneurship.

This seminar is free for everyone who wants to be a manager of their own money. We are teaching how manage your income and expenses. We are discussing how properly manage your loans and debt. How to set aside aside some extra cash that you will use in case of emergency.

We are also introducing about how to invest in mutual funds and stock market. How you start and where you invest your hard earned money.


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