As a human being the important thing we to take is our health and wellness. There are saying that health is wealth, that is very true. If you are healthy you are capable of doing what you want, what you like, and you will enjoy the most of your life.

These are the 7 things that you need to do everyday to maintain your health and wellness:

1. Eating correct amounts of foods at the right time.

Most people tend to cut down in food when they feel they’re overweight or they start eating too much of the incorrect food when they need more energy. The crucial secret to the perfect harmony in weight and vitality is to eat 5 times a day and a combination of protein, carbs, and healthy fats in smaller portions adapted to your body weight and length.

2. Exercise daily.

I recommend a 30-minute focused work out every day. This should be a combination of cardio exercise and muscle building activities. Not only is it good for your body, it does a great job for your mind as well!

3. Schedule atleast twice a day a “me time”.

This time slot you can spend however you chose to, as long as you do something that you really enjoy. I definitely recommend some silent time on your own, daily, so you can pamper your body and your mind.

4. Practicing the abundance mentality.

‘What You Fear, You’ll Attract. What you Experience, Is What You Expect’

In all that you do or who you are, be VERY conscious of your scarcity thoughts and fears. Make sure you transform these immediately in abundance thoughts. Develop an abundance mentality at ALL TIMES!

5. Make drinking water a habit.

This is a challenge for the majority of people, however once you understand why it’s so important to drink plenty of water you’ll be more capable to develop the daily habit. As our bodies consist of over 85% of water, you can understand that we’ll need to recharge regularly. Water plays a vital role in the majority of our blood and digestion functions, just as in the engine of a car. Water is needed to have the engine, our engine, run smoothly. Recommended daily water intake is 1 liter water per 30 kg of body weight.

6. Improve your relation to food.

Your relation to food is an indicator of your relation to other aspects of your life. What you put in your body has a direct effect not only on your body but also on your mind and soul. If your food is full of Prana (life force) it will give you the ability to live your life to your fullest potential. Food that is pure, full of Prana and prepared with love and good healing vibrations gives you much more than just the feeling of satisfaction to the taste buds. It nourishes your body, mind, senses and soul while increasing physical energy, positive thinking, creativity, longevity and heightened awareness of life in all its beauty.

7. What we think is what we become.

Even though you apply the previous 6 principles in the letter but you keep on having poisonous thoughts, your health and well-being will be poisoned. Every result is a consequence of the image we create in our mind. Make sure you see yourself as a healthy, energetic, and vital human being.

Think and live positively.

About Allan Mantaring

He is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker from way up southern part of the Philippines, Mindoro Oriental who loves sharing knowledge and helping others on the topic of personal development, finance, persuasion, public speaking, and internet marketing. He is the CEO and Founder of Pinoy Save and Invest.

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