How do you celebrate your birthday? Going out with your friends, get together with your family and relatives, simply going to church and thanking for the blessing you received in the whole years, or you almost celebrate your special days in your work?
Most of us experiencing like this, celebrating our birthday in our job that supposed to be together with our beloved family.

Everybody wants it, but what we can do, it’s not our choice but the main reason is we don’t have choice.

Today is my birthday, my very special day, I celebrate it here in my work, I choose to no one let it know. But I’m very happy this day, I am very blessed, I have family, friends and relatives who greet me. I am blessed because I have anything I want, God answer all my prayers, He always find a way to fulfill my dreams. Now I have a free will to share what I want to share, I have a free will to write my ideas and wisdom to share it to others.



Since I was a child, I have so may dreams, I want to be rich, that’s my first dream, ask me why? Let me tell you some story about me, I came from poor family that lack of everything that a normal child supposed to be enjoyed. We are raised with my siblings with proper discipline from our parents. We almost hear from our parents to study hard, to change our lives someday.

Almost everyday when are going to school, we asked for our “baon”, we heard so many reminders from them, reminding us how money is hard to get.

But even there are so many “sermon” from my beloved mother; We can go to school with some money to buy something for our snack during break time.

From that situation at my young age, dream was born. I want to be rich, in order to break the chain of poverty in our family that locked us for so many years. I want to change the future generation of my family, I want them to enjoy the abundance and happiness that others people have. I want to have a thing that i never have before. I want to do the things I never did before. I want time and financial freedom. I want to celebrate my birthdays with my love ones. I want to be with them in every special days of our life.

I want to grow my children with their daddy in their sight. I want to be inspiration to everyone. I want to contribute something to anyone. Maybe I will not change their status in life, but atleast I change their perspective about life. I want to help others in a ways I can, I want to prove to myself that poverty is not hindrance to attain my dreams in life. I want to belong to the person from nothing to something.

“Dreams are the foundation of every successful person”


Can I ask you something, did you believe in yourself or you believe to the people surrounds you? Anything happens in our life is not according to God wants, it is according to our will. What we sow, is what we reap. What we believe is what we got.
Believing to our ability, gifts and talents is the key to achieve our dreams. You must believe that you can achieve all your dreams. You must believe to God that he will help you to achieve your dreams. Believe that everything is possible, everything is achievable. If you can dream it, you can achieve it. Success is measurable, what you implant in your mind is what will happen. What perception and philosophy in your life have, it will you become. Anything we almost think is what we become. I always believe that this world is full of blessing for everyone, full of many good things, and full of hope. But it is only belong to the people who is patiently finding and deserving for it. We cannot predict our future but He gives us free will. He gives us the right to choose want we want to be. He gives us everything we need, either it bring good to us or will destroy us.

“If you believe you can, you can”


I n your life how many times you failed? How many times you get up? Life is full of challenges, and some says life is unfair, it’s very true. There are people who don’t need to work hard to get what they want in life; everything is already prepared for them. There are people who give almost their life to their work but still lack of everything; it’s very hard to find the answer.

But what I believed is if you pursue your dreams you can have it. What are you doing now is your preparation for your future. I f you want to be successful in life, surrounds yourself with successful people. Find the people with the same goal and mindset like you because they will help you to the position you want to be. Surrounds yourself with people who see the best in you. Don’t look for the best people, but look the people who make you better.

Invest in yourself, that’s the first step you need to do before invest in anything. Read book,s, attend seminars, educate yourself and find mentor who will guide you towards your success. Everyday Make a little effort to achieve your goal. Being successful is not easy as what we think, we need to invest time, money, and effort to achieve it. Successful people are people who are persistent, goal oriented, disciplined and coachable.
They are willing to to learn from anyone. They are always empty cup, so there is space for new knowledge.. They are always seeking new knowledge and wisdom. Successful people is always open hands, they are always willing to help to everyone without expecting in return.

“Fortunes belong to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.

Final Thought

What I can say is I am really rich not in material things, but in ideas and wisdom that God give me. I know this wisdom bring me to success that I always asking from Him. Don’t ask for easier life instead asks Him to make you stronger in times of challenges. Don’t ask to be wealthy instead ask wisdom that you can use to be wealthy. Never ask for less, always ask for more so you can bless others.

Nothing I can ask God But to continue bliss my me,. My wife, my family, and to all the people who read this.

He gives all my dreams in life. Now I got the job I want, the job that was I dreaming before. Working as Chef in cruise line granted, and I started to dream to work in offshore industry got it. But there something God want to me; I want something more bigger. I want to be an author and speaker someday. I want to inspire people, I want to help people, I want to live my together with my wife, and my children, enjoying every moments of my life with them. Time is the most valuable things you can give to your family.

I know most of us dreaming to celebrate their birthday with their love ones, but they don’t have choice maybe they are working in foreign lands to earn more better that we received from our beloved country.

Its hard to accept that we are serving other people rather than serving our country. But many of us don’t have choice, is it true?
We have a choice believe me, you need to dream, believe and strive for it until you get successful. It will hot happen overnight but if you start today and you do it every day, time will come you will see yourself living in life you never imagine before.

About Allan Mantaring

He is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker from way up southern part of the Philippines, Mindoro Oriental who loves sharing knowledge and helping others on the topic of personal development, finance, persuasion, public speaking, and internet marketing. He is the CEO and Founder of Pinoy Save and Invest.

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