Are you a newbie who is planning to start a new business venture? Are you facing scarcity in your business and finding it hard to sell your services? Are you short of creative and innovative ideas which can create a positive change in your business? Are you still struggling with your business? If this is the case with you then Piece 2017 is an event organized especially for you.

 An esteem game changer for your business

Piece 2017 (An Entrepreneur Conference and Expo) is an Entrepreneur event which is going to be the cornerstone of businesses in the recent history. Piece 2017 is known for its nature of providing ample of opportunities to the entrepreneurs within and outside the country. The conference is going to take place on March 21 and March 22, 2017 while the expo will be held for a period of three days, March 24, March 25, and March 26 2017. The event will be organized by Ad Asia Events open to all the entrepreneurs who wants to make a change in their business.

An eagerly anticipated event in the calendar of world class entrepreneurs and businesses is going to fill up the void in their businesses making it come up as per their expectations.

From traditional successful business to new ventures, the event is going to have a lot to choose from. Whether you are an established business owner or you are among the emerging businesses, Piece 2017 is packed up with blossom of surprises which can cultivate new customers for your products or services making it reach the heights, it has ever reached before.

  A hallmark in the history!

Piece 2017 is going to take place at SMX Convention Centre Mall of Asia Complex. The place is exhibiting an area of 2750 meter square. The Mall offers a space of four exhibition halls, five functions rooms, fourteen meeting room, expecting to accommodate an audience of 18000.

Your esteemed presence is indispensable!

Here’s what the things to know about Piece 2017:

  • Building up a network of peers who can widen up your business.
  • Opening up the gateway for sponsors to explore and invest in your business.
  • Showcasing your services and products in front of other business owners.
  • Visibility of your services to numerous businesses who may become your potential clients in future.
  • New orders from various businesses giving a head start to your small scale business.
  • Update yourself with the happenings and trends in the present as well as future businesses.
  • Creative and Innovative ideas which can take your business to the next level.
  • Generate leads for your business.
  • Building up strategies for your business which can make your business reach unprecedented heights in the history ever.

 Learn till you make your dreams come true!

It is leveraged with tremendous growth opportunities. Businesses will take it as a posit deal to expand their network of clients while at the same time generating leads for their business. The innovative ideas and the useful products will be the great points of attraction for the masses.

All you need is to come at the event and enhance your marketing skills by incorporating new and popular business trends in the marketplace.

 Still thinking? Bring in your promotional team at the event and take your business to the new heights.

Event Highlights:

  • The event will let start ups to give  presentation on their businesses, their products and their services offered will be demonstrated in front of other businesses.
  • Their model, the approach adopted by them will be presented in front of the masses.
  • The business model will be followed by entrepreneur expo where the businesses will be sharing their entrepreneurial approach.
  • Eventually, after everything gets rolled up, networking takes place where other businesses will be able to network with them, developing a business client relationship at the event.

Event with numerous possibilities!

Event Promotion so far:

Day after day, Piece 2017 is gaining its popularity at domestic as well as international marketplace. So far, the campaign has reached thousands of businesses, entrepreneurs, and consultancies and it is soon expected to hit more end businesses.

Various promotional tactics have already been incorporated and it is expected that a good handful businesses will have their esteemed presence in the event. They will share their marketing tactics, their strategies and other success stories making it a successful win-win deal for everyone.

The event is going to be a big blast in a small packet; Book your tickets now!

For information about various packages and offers for the event, please contact Ad Asia Events You can also visit there Facebook Fan Page for more details.

Looking forward to see you at the event!!!


About Allan Mantaring

He is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker from way up southern part of the Philippines, Mindoro Oriental who loves sharing knowledge and helping others on the topic of personal development, finance, persuasion, public speaking, and internet marketing. He is the CEO and Founder of Pinoy Save and Invest.

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