Philippine International Entrepreneur Conference and Expo 2017 was held successfully last March 21-22, 2017 for the Conference and March 24-26, 2017 for the Expo.

Day 1.

Attended by aspiring and young entrepreneur who wants to scale up their knowledge how to start, set up and grow their business. Of Course the most important is the speaker because they are the one who will share wisdoms to us.

Started with Undersecretary Zenaida Maglaya of DTI, she discussed about the barrier and the growth of SME’s here in the Philippines and some of this are:

  1. Non- Financial Barriers- poor business environment and high cost, lack of access to market, low of productivity and efficiency.
  2. Financial Barriers – it is  the lack of  access to finance of the small and medium enterprises.

In order to reach and help by the government they launch the Negosyo Center all over the Philippines.

They have also the SME Roving Academy it is a learning program for the development SME’s to develop competitiveness and increase contribution in our GDP and total employment. Another program is Mentor Me it is a 12 week program to help the entrepreneur grow their business.

Another exciting topics is all about investing in the Stock  Market headed by Dir. Jose P. Aquino, Enforcement and Investor Protection. He gave information and ideas how you can start investing in stock market, giving tips where to invest and how to grow your money. He also elaborate how to identify the whether it is legit or scam. He suggested that before you invest you must be investigate the company or broker you want to invest your money. In case you have doubt it is better to keep your money.

There is also representative from TESDA lead by Elmer K. Talavera offering help from the government. They are offering free training to aspiring entrepreneurs to  enhance their skills and passion for their future ventures. They are also have Special Training for Employment, the Tesda Entrepreneur Program and the Tesda Coke Star Program.

Most of the successful person believe that “If you want to be a successful businessman, you must think like a businessman”.  Mr. Homer Nievera, the Founder of Nego Sentro give some tips the importance of socia media in our business business. Nowadays most of people use social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more.. Bring your business to the online world not only make you more profit, but will also lessen your cost and save your time.

Another speaker that caught my attention was M. Reese Fernandez-Ruiz President and Founding Partner of Rags to Riches. Her journey in life, struggles, rejections and lack of funds are truly inspiring. Because of her dedication to help our local artisan she completely passed all of this. From rags made by local artisan to the world use by international celebrities. Rags to Riches totally help to change the life of an ordinary people. A community that giving inspiration to an ordinary person to strive more and becoming big.

Another interesting topic is discussed by Mr. Brian Quebengco of Jobstreet. He taught how to hire the best people that will help to accelerate the progress and growth of your company. Hiring wrong people not only costing you time but also can damage the growth and profit of your company. You must consider  some factors while hiring   people, make sure that they have the vision align to the companies mission and vision. Your employee is the best asset you have to improve the productivity and growth of your business.

Before finishing the first day of the seminar another respectable speaker from Singapore discussed Creating a Business Which Is Thriving Without You.

He share the 7 Tools and Techniques to Help Your Business Grow.

  1. Know where you stand- have at least 10 year pan and goal setting.
  2. Foster one organization, one value- everybody must have one culture, maintain the core values, focus on core values and contribute more rather than you take.
  3. Keep Cam and Work Together – everybody must foster teamwork to everyone, working on the same goals to achieve more results.
  4. Design process as easy as ABC – built the process and system easy for everybody.
  5. Delegate and Elevate – everybody must be focus to the common goal.
  6. Get what you want – know the result you want to achieve as company.
  7. Raise your hand for accountability- own the accountability regarding any issues and solution.

Day 2

Topics is more about on franchising, digital marketing, sales techniques, creating wealth, branding tactics and how to have an entrepreneurial mindset.

Day started about franchising delivered by Mr. Joselito Samson of Francorp ” Advantages of Having Franchise in the Growing Trend of SME’s. He stated about the advantages of having a franchise like leverage of a capital, expansion strategy, brand building activity, motivated management, and franchise revenue sources.

Another topics that gave me excitement is Business Fleek ( Power Dressing for Entrepreneurs) by Ms. Jewel Lobaton-Pimentel. She reiterated the significance of how we dress in attending business meetings, seminars and events. Why we need to power dress? We need to do this gain respect, confidence and last to win. Properly dressed is a beautiful way of politeness. You will never have a second chance to make a first impressions. Press how you wish to be dealt.

Mr. Marlo Berta also presents an interesting topics about sales techniques for future entrepreneurs. He shared The First Rule of closing which is ABC. A stand for Always B. Be C. stands for closing. And we also keep in mind that we need to sell with pride. Rules of Persuasion: Reciprocity – give always a favor. Scarcity what makes you credible. Consistency – being consistent for what it is.

Next is the most successful motivational speaker Mr. Chinkee Tan. He also shared the 3 Traits of Lucio Tan 1. Low Overhead. 2 Low Overhead 3. Low Overhead. You must always check you budget cut down unnecessary expenses, and negotiate cost of payment term.  Money that is not spend is a money earned.  I like the idea that he said:  “I’d rather a big fish in a small pond rather than a small fish in a big pond.” He also give advice to the entrepreneur that do not do all the job alone, outsourcing is the best choice to make job done.

Succeeding topics like Click Bait by Ms. Janet Toral, How to be your Own Boss by Mr. Moritz Gastl Managing Director of, The Art of Digital Advertising by Mr. Marc Laurenze Celis Manging Director of Brand Philosophy, The Entrepreneurial Mindset by Mr. Jorge Wieneke Founder of Tokyo Tempura and the last but not the least Leadership Innovation by Mr. Reyron Del Rosario was discussed in the afternoon.

From branding to digital advertising is very relevant factor to any business to this day. Bill Gates once said: “If your business is out of in the internet you are out of business. Advertising help you grow your business faster. Most of the people as of today use social media. You can leverage this platform to reach your potential clients without spending thousands to promote your products.





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